Infant Mental Health Endorsement (IMH-E®)



IAITMH Endorsement is a process that supports the development and recognition of infant and family service providers and professionals within an organized system of culturally sensitive, relationship-focused learning and work experiences that promote mental health for children ages birth to five. Endorsements are available for four levels of competency; each with its own requirements.


Download Endorsement Levels of Competency - Fees for each level listed here

IAITMH Endorsement Overview

Serious shortages in mental health workforce capacity affect all agencies, programs, and settings where young children are served in Indiana. The Indiana Association for Infant and Toddler Mental Health has partnered with several state agencies to address this need by the adoption of an already proven competency-based Endorsement process that coordinates across all systems. The Endorsement process will increase mental health workforce capacity and create an integrated infrastructure that will ensure that all Indiana families with very young children have access to well-trained providers in their home communities.

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Why earn the IAITMH Endorsement®?

The Endorsement is truly a valuable credential for any infant mental health provider. Some of the benefits include:

  • Increased understanding of infant mental health.
  • Demonstrates to your clients your dedication to provide the best possible care for their children.
  • More confident working with families.
  • More knowledge of infant mental health resources.

Here's what some of our Endorsed providers are saying about the process:

“I decided to go for the Infant Mental Health Endorsement for myself and the families that I work with. As an early intervention provider for many years, I was working with young children and their families weekly. However, everything that I had learned was learned through CEU’s and “real life” experience. I was interested in pursuing the endorsement because I wanted to know that I was doing what was right. I wanted someone with experience and expertise to review my experience and tell me that I was qualified to work with these families. It’s increased my confidence and knowledge in the area of infant and toddler mental health. I would highly recommend that everyone who works with infants and toddlers consider this endorsement; not only for yourself, but for the families that you work with on a regular basis.”    Christine R.

“I have been very excited and pleased that an endorsement such as this has been offered in Indiana. It provides the referring professional and families the knowledge of those who hold credentials and reflect this experience and knowledge base. Parents now have a means to easily determine those professionals with the expertise in working with young children in searching for a provider.  I am very proud to hold this endorsement.”   James J.