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The Endorsement Application System or EASy is now available! EASy is a web-based system for creating, submitting, and reviewing Endorsement portfolios. If you would like to begin your application for Endorsement, go to the EASy site and click on “Register” under New Applicant. If you are not certain which level is best fit for your experiences, click here to download our flowchart tool.
NOTE: We strongly recommend that you use a personal email address as many health and mental health organization email servers often reject the messages that are sent to you by our new system. We also strongly recommend that you use a desktop or laptop computer; EASy is not supported for use on iPads or other mobile devices.

The registration process asks for the same basic information that you would have provided on a paper preliminary application.

Once we:

  • receive notification that you’ve registered
  • confirmed that your IAITMH membership is current, and
  • confirmed payment of your preliminary application fee (completed when you register)

we “accept” your application.

Next, you’ll receive an email from EASy with a username and password. You can log back in to add to your portfolio any time and any place you have a computer with an internet connection. There is an in-system Help tool and messaging option that allows you to ask questions along the way.

We recommend all new applicants to download the New Applicant Tip Sheet and Checklist. These documents will provide step-by-step instructions on how to complete your online portfolio.

Once your portfolio is complete – all sections filled out, transcripts uploaded, reference ratings complete – you will be able to submit your application for review.

The review process calls for two Endorsed providers at a Level II or higher to review the material on your portfolio and ensure you meet the required competencies. After each reviewer has approved your online portfolio, you are either officially approved for Endorsement (Levels I & II), or become eligible to take the exam (Levels III & IV). For Levels III and IV who will need to take the exam, we currently offer it once a year in Indiana, usually in September.
For more information about the exam, please visit the Exam Resources page of this website.

**IAITMH will accept portfolios on paper only for those who submitted a paper preliminary application by January 31, 2014. If you’ve already submitted a paper preliminary application and need to switch over to EASy, please contact the Endorsement Coordinator at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to avoid paying a preliminary application fee twice.**