Endorsed providers are required to earn 15 training hours each year – as well as renew membership in IAITMH – to maintain their Endorsement credential and remain on the Registry of Endorsed Providers. It is also recommended for Levels II, III, & IV to receive some reflective supervision/consultation.

Need to renew your Endorsement?     CLICK HERE


Application for Inactive Status

Sometimes Endorsed providers have extenuating circumstances and are unable to meet annual renewal requirements. In this case, providers are able to apply for Inactive Status. Reasons for this request may include prolonged illness, a change in employment status, a move, maternity or other family leave, etc.

If you are due for renewal and are unable to do so, click here to download the Inactive Status Application.

To carry the Inactive Endorsement Status, the provider must:

  • Maintain membership in IAITMH
  • Plan to re-activate Endorsement within two (2) years
  • If unable to re-activate, the provider must complete another Inactive Status Application


For providers who have carried the Inactive Status and are ready to reactivate their Endorsement:

  • Download the Application for Reactivation
  • Pay a $25.00 reactivation fee
  • Complete the renewal form (above) as you would normally, demonstrating you have met the requirements for annual renewal


Reinstatement if Endorsement Lapses

If an Endorsed provider fails to renew or complete an Inactive Status Application, the provider will be removed from the Registry of Endorsed Providers. Once removed, the provider will need to take the following steps in order to be reinstated:

  • Register on EASy to add any education, work, training, and reflective supervision experiences that have accrued since removal from the registry
  • Collect three (3) updated reference rating (via EASy)
  • Maintain IAITMH membership
  • Pay another Endorsement processing fee, as follows:

Level I - $25   |   Level II - $50   |   Level III - $200   |   Level IV - $300