The IAITMH is involved in a variety of projects that support Indiana’s infrastructure for strengthening relationships between infants/toddlers, families and other caregivers.Members and colleagues are encouraged to get involved and access the information from these activities.

Doubtless You Know…  Children's Story Book Project                                    
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The IAITMH is very pleased to announce the availability of a children’s story book project created by members of the IAITMH Board of Directors. The original poem, written by Dr. Matthew Galvin and illustrated by Deborah Galvin, was donated to the IAITMH as a celebration of our 15th anniversary. Members of the board worked to create an adaptation of the original poem that would be appropriate for parents to share with their very young children. Another version, written in poem form, was created by IAITMH member Deb Zielke to be enjoyed by older children.

The title of the project is Doubtless You Know. The story describes the importance of relationships, the value of attending to the experiences and needs of others, and explains how anyone, no matter how young or how small, can help others in need. The concepts are conveyed through a fable about guanacos, which are animals that live in a desolate area of Chile. In the fable, the guanaco’s water supply fails, threatening their lives. They are helped through the efforts of a tiny bird who recruits whales to splash their tails in the ocean, sending water over the mountains to the guanacos. The guanaco’s story is shared by the young helper of an arrogant scientist. The scientist learns the lessons about perspective taking and relationships with the help of his young assistant, who is able to gain the guanaco’s trust through her care and understanding.

We were able to print 200 copies of a children’s story book, 200 copies of the supplemental coloring book, and create 150 copies of an audio book CD. They were distributed as gifts to all attendees at our 15th annual conference on August 21st, 2015. While there are some copies left, supplies are very limited. We want to be able to share this project with families and infant mental health providers for years to come, and therefore have made all versions of the story, including the illustrations, available here for free download.

This project was made possible through a generous contribution from:
FSSA/Division of Mental Health and Addiction, the Indiana State Department of Health, and the Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Administration/Project LAUNCH

Doubtless You Know… Original Poem by Matthew R. Galvin, illustrated by Deborah C. Galvin
                                   Part I                  Part II                 Part III   

Doubtless You Know… Children’s Story Book Adaptation by A. Tomlin, R. McKnight, & D. Zielke; illustrated by Deborah C. Galvin

Do You Know… Guanacos? Poetic Adaptation by Deb Zielke, illustrated by Deborah C. Galvin

Coloring Book Illustrations by Deborah C. Galvin

Audio Book CD – Original Poem read by Matthew R. Galvin and Meg Gaffney

Audio Book CD – Children’s Story Book Adaptation read by Stephan Viehweg