Fact Sheets for Early Intervention Providers

Access these fact sheets to help others understand infant mental health topics and how they can support infant and toddler social emotional development. Each sheet is designed to address common questions and encourages early intervention providers to refer when there are additional questions. 

Advocacy pdf click here
Allergies  pdfclick here
Attachment  pdfclick here
Attachment Disturbances  pdfclick here
Babies and Learning  pdf click here
Back to School  pdfclick here
Child Abuse Recognition & Reporting  pdfclick here
Depression in Parents  pdfclick here 
Dual Language Learners  pdfclick here
Early Identification of Autism  pdfclick here
ECMH  pdfclick here
Enhancing Joint Attention Skills  pdfclick here
Evidence-Based Practice  pdfclick here
Fathers in EI  pdfclick here
Grandparents  pdfclick here
Healthy Sleep Habitspdfclick here
Helping Young Children with Fears  pdfclick here
Home Visiting  pdfclick here
Making Holidays Less Stressful  pdfclick here
Mobilize for Babies Poll  pdf click here
Neurons to Neighborhoods Update  pdf click here
Picky Eaters  pdfclick here
PTSD and Military Families  pdfclick here
Restraint  pdfclick here
Social and Emotional Development  pdfclick here
Social Stories  pdfclick here
Supporting Pregnant Mothers  pdfclick here
Supporting Slow to Warm Babies  pdfclick here
Supporting Vulnerable Children  pdfclick here
Tantrums in Young Children  pdfclick here
Trauma  pdfclick here
When to Consider a Referral  pdfclick here
Young Children and Electronic Devices  pdf click here